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1. In it dodzyo traditional rules of behaviour should be observed strictly. Its spirit is established by the Founder ajkido, and it is a place inheriting its doctrine. Each pupil is obliged to follow this doctrine fairly and sincerely.

2. Each pupil is obliged to take part in creation of favorable atmosphere of harmony and respect.

3. Clarification is an active thankful pray. Each pupil is obliged to support cleanliness in dodzyo and to clear the reason and the heart.

4. Dodzyo if there is no on it a direct permission senseja, it should not be used for any other purposes, except the regular planned employment.

5. Only sensej solves, it will train you or not. You cannot buy technics. Monthly membership dues provide to you a place for practice and give you modest possibility to express the gratitude for a received science. Each pupil is obliged to bring payments in time.

6. Be respectful to the Founder and its doctrine which inherits and transfers sensej. Be respectful to dodzyo, to the training equipment and to each other.

training Rules

1. It is necessary to respect the doctrine and Founder philosophy, and also a way with which help sensej transfers this doctrine.

2. A moral duty of each pupil is never to use technicians ajkido to the detriment of other person or for display of the ego. It is technics not destructions, and creation. It is the tool for creation of the best society thanks to perfection of the individual.

3. On a floor-mat there should not be ego collisions. Ajkido is not street fight. You are on a floor-mat to overcome and clear the aggressive reactions, to realise spirit of the Samurai, having opened the social responsibility.

4. On a floor-mat there should not be a rivalry. The purpose ajkido is not struggle against the opponent and drawing to it of defeat, and struggle against own aggressive instincts and a victory over these instincts. Force ajkido - not in muscular force, and in flexibility, communication, the coordination, the control and modesty.

5. The arrogance is inadmissible. All of us should understand limits of the possibilities.

6. Physical abilities at all people different, as well as the reasons which have forced them to be engaged ajkido. It is necessary to be respectful To it. Present ajki is a correct and flexible application of technics in any varying circumstances. You bear responsibility for to putting any damages. You are obliged to protect the partner in training and.

7. Listen to instructions which gives sensej, and follow its instructions sincerely and in a full measure of the forces. To disputes here not a place.

8. All pupils study the same principles. Here there should not be conflicts between groups or preferences of this or that party. All members dodzyo - one family, and a secret ajkido in harmony.

behaviour Rules in dodzyo

1. Entering and leaving a place of employment in dodzyo, bow standing.

2. Entering on a floor-mat or leaving it, always make bow in a direction of a portrait of the Founder.

3. Be respectful to training tools. Gi should be pure and whole. The weapon should be in a good condition and if it is not used, to be on the place.

4. Never use gi or the weapon, belonging to someone to another.

5. In some minutes prior to the beginning of practice you should, well having warmed up, to sit with observance of the accepted rules on the place, being in a condition of quiet meditation. These are intended to release some minutes the mind from problems of day and to be prepared for employment.

6. The class opens and closed with observance of the established ceremony. It is important to come in time and to take part in this ceremony but if all of you were late, you should wait, sitting, according to the established rules, near to a floor-mat while sensej will not give a signal, resolving to you to join a class. Having come nearer to a floor-mat, you should bow in position sitting. The most important thing that thus you have not prevented employment.

7. To sit on a floor-mat you should in sejdza (the sedentary pose established by rules). If at you the knee is injured, you can accept a pose with the crossed feet, but never sit with the extended feet and never lean about a wall or a column. You should keep constantly alertnost.

8. Do not leave a floor-mat during practice unless the trauma is put you or you were ill.

9. During employment when sensej shows technics whom you will study, you should easy and watch closely it, sitting in sejdza. After demonstration is finished, you bow senseju, then to the partner and only then start technics performance.

10. When the signal about the technics termination is given, you should stop immediately. Having bowed to the partner, quickly stand in a row with other pupils.

11. Never stand on a floor-mat without business. You should be engaged in practice or if it is necessary, to sit in the put pose, expecting the turn.

12. If for any reason it is absolutely necessary to ask a question senseju, approach to it (never call up him to itself), bow, expressing the respect, and wait from it for acknowledgement. (The bow pose for this purpose approaches.)

13. Receiving during employment personal instructions, sit in sejdza and watch closely for senseem. Bow to it when it will finish. When it instructs someone to another, you should stop practice to watch it. Sit in the put pose and bow to it when it will finish.

14. Respect the one who possesses wide experience. Never argue concerning technics.

15. You here are for practice. Do not impose the representations by another.

16. If you know movement which is now studied, and you work with someone who does not know it, you can spend through it this person. But do not try to correct or instruct the partner in training if you have not reached level of the senior judansja.

17. Reduce conversations on a floor-mat to an absolute minimum. Ajkido is an experience.

18. Do not loaf round a floor-mat to or after employment. This space is intended for pupils who wish to train. For dialogue in dodzyo there are other places.

19. It is necessary to sweep a floor-mat every day before the beginning of employment and after they are ended. Everyone is obliged to support in dodzyo cleanliness.

20. Any meal, drink, smoking or elastic band chewing on a floor-mat or near to it throughout employment are inadmissible, and also during any other time when you are on a floor-mat.

21. During employment on you there should be no ornaments.

22. Never drink alcoholic drinks when you it is put on gi for employment.

you can come to look at any time as there pass employment,
but thus you should observe following rules:

1. To sit it is necessary in a respectful pose, not polulezha and not piling up a foot on furniture.

2. It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke, while there pass employment.

3. It is forbidden to speak with somebody if it is on a floor-mat.

4. It is impossible to talk and loaf around when the instructor shows movement or gives explanatories.

5. At opening and closing of a class you should sit on a floor-mat in a pose sejdza and participate in the general ceremony. Remain to sit, while sensej will not give a signal to start employment in the beginning of employment or to leave a floor-mat in the end.


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