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Ivama rju has perfectly kept technics Moriheja Uesiby - founder Ajkido. Ivama rju is a military art based on interrelation ken (sword), dzho (stick) and thaw dzhitsu (technics without the weapon). The kept technicians with the weapon are base for Budo (military art) and in the same kind they were taught in Ivame still by the O-sensei.

Ivama dodzho it has been based Moriheem Uesiboj during 40. In the summer 1946, 18th years, Morihiro Sajto the Sensei are elderly (was born on March, 31st 1928г.) has begun studying Ajkido at the Founder. Sajto the Sensei lived in Ivama in quality learn-deshi (the internal pupil) the most long time - 23 years, up to death of the O-sensei in 1969г. It was one of the few who participated in personal morning trainings of the O-sensei (mainly with the weapon). Carrying out of employment in Ivama dodzho not only when Uesiba was far but also and when the Founder was in Ivame, especially last years also trusted in it.

Morihiro Sajto the Sensei

Emblem Ivama
Tyres of Tyres Ajki Shjurenkaj

hitohiro Sajto the Sensei

Morihiro Sajto the Sensei (31.III.1928 - 13.V.2002) had for many years under supervision O-Сенсея to systematise and make training Ajkido by more pedagogical to result possibility technicians of the founder in unique training forms. It used these forms that students have more effectively understood that Ajkido in which the founder trained. These technicians were traditionally taught only in Ivame.

Sajto the Sensei has been given by the owner of 9th and was keeper Ajki Shrajna (temple Ajkido in Ivame) and present dodzyo the Founder in Ivame, Japan where it conducted training process traditional Ajkido.

Sajto the sensei is the author of set of books, including " Traditional Айкидо" in 5 volumes and, later series " Takemusu Айкидо".

Sajto the Sensei held seminars worldwide on which it trained " Ajkido to which learnt me About - Cенсей".

Sajto the Sensei was the carrier and the teacher of technics traditional Ajkido and technicians Ajkido with the weapon - ajkiken and ajkidzho, to that which has developed О-Cенсей and taught only in Ivame.

hitohiro Sajto the sensei (son Sajto of the Sensei was born on February, 12th 1957) and is successor Ivamo rju Takemusu Ajkido. Has begun practice at the age of seven years, being trained under the guidance of Moriheja Uesiby and has continued practice at father Morihiro Sajto of the Sensei. He has devoted a life to preservation of spiritual and technical tradition Ajkido of the O-sensei. hitohiro the Sensei is reputed as excellent expert in Japan, the USA, Europe, in the Near East, in Australia and Russia.

In 2004 hitohiro Sajto the Sensei has created the independent organisation.

Ivama Tyres of Tyres Ajki Shjurenkaj

" I go a new track to be soul and heart with the O-sensei. And quot;

Tyres of Tyres – truly to believe in God

" How the O-sensei believed in God, it began every morning with reading norito (references to the god). Then, it did misogi and worked in the fields, after spent day in kejko. In the evening he again read norito and practised. Only after that it went to bed. Reading norito and prays, the O-sensei has reached enlightenments. I use the name of Tyres of Tyres to specify to you as the sincere belief is important. And quot;

SHjuren - serious practice

" I wish to continue training which the O-sensei has transferred to my father and me. My father carried out this problem, up to that moment while he has not left us. Now I should continue its business, transferring the doctrine that Ajkidzinam which are interested by serious daily practice. For the O-sensei it was very important to teach base forms every day as my father within many decades arrived also. In Ivama we do not practise that observed once, we study that taught to us daily step by step. You cannot study it for one or two years, it is necessary for it to devote all life. And quot;

Dzjuku - school

" you should not spend a lot of time and efforts to something one, whether it be certain things or money. Certainly, you require means to live, and you can have a good ground area and dodzyo, but you should not be adhered to it too strongly, and keep for it. Hold your consciousness pure, and do not give in to spiritual ossification. In 2004 I have made decision to leave very important place for me because I have been too adhered to it. To continue the Way, you should not be strongly adhered to things, it will not allow you to progress дальше".

Nissin geppo - daily to progress

" you should practise patiently step by step. And always to train with feeling of the beginner till the end of your life. This way of training always existed in Ivama. I continue this tradition, and I will always remember it, practising with другими"

Ajkido - true budo (Morihei Uesiba)

  1. As a word " гармония" (ah conformably word " любовь" (ah), I have decided to give unique budo name AJKIDO. A word ajki - very old, but I put in it absolutely other sense, than soldiers of an antiquity.
  2. Ikes are not receptions of fight or drawing of defeat to the enemy. It is a way conducting to an establishment of world peace and obedineniii all people in one family.
  3. Secret Ajkido - in reaching harmonies with movements of the Universe and to come to the consent with most Installed. The one who has comprehended secret Ajkido, has opened the Universe in itself and can tell rightfully: " I also am Вселенная". I do not know defeat, as though quickly my opponent did not attack. It not because washing the technician faster, than technics of the partner. Has put at all in speed. Simply fight comes to an end, not having had time to begin.
  4. When someone tries to fight with me, it zamyslivaet struggle with most Installed. And so it breaks the harmony with it. Whether he can win? Just intending to fight with me, it is already won. Time does not have measure " быстро" or " медленно".
  5. Ajkido is a nonresistance. As it does not resist, always wins.
  6. at whom mind curve and torn apart by contradictions, is initially doomed to defeat.
  7. As you can straighten the curve mind, clear the heart and to be in harmony with actions of all things in the Nature? First of all you incorporate in the heart of the Creator.
    it also is Great Love, ubiquitous in all corners and at all times the Universe.
    " in love there is no contradiction. At love is not present врага". Contradicting mind which thinks of existence of the enemy, will not be co-ordinated with will of the God.
  8. The one who does not understand it, cannot be in harmony from the Universe. It budo is budo destructions. It not creative budo.
  9. Therefore competition in performance of receptions, revealing of the winner and won - not true budo. True budo does not know defeat. " Непобедимый" means " never сражающийся".
  10. " Победа" for us is a victory over inconsistent mind in itself. Such is the mission granted to us.
  11. It not simply theory. You should practise it. Then you will apprehend great force of unity with the Nature.
  12. do not look the opponent in the face, differently your mind will be involved in them. Do not look at its sword, differently this sword will kill you. Do not look at it, differently your spirit will dissipate. True budo consists in developing appeal which allows to involve all opponent in itself. Everything, that I need to do, is to adhere to this way.
  13. it is enough To me even to stand back to the opponent. When it attacks, putting blow, it will damage to itself(himself) intention to strike. I am uniform from the Universe, that's all. When I stand, it will be involved in me. Before Uesiboj from Ajkido there is either no time, or a space - only the Universe as it is.
  14. At Uesiby from Ajkido there is no enemy. You are mistaken, if think what to practise budo means to have many opponents.


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